Relieve your pregnancy discomforts, prepare for birth, improve the health of both you and your baby and have a smooth, positive transition into motherhood. THAT WORKS MATERNITY CARE


Unique Footprint’s comprehensive maternity benefits solution helps women navigate the transition to motherhood, with an individualized and on-demand program for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Our ideal partners fall into one of these categories:


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MATERNITY CARE Just as your newborn's footprints are unique to them, your pregnancy journey is equally unique. Improve the health of both you and your baby, today! SAVES LIVES


We’re Moms, Nurses, Dietitians, Counselors and Yoga Therapists on a mission to bring happiness and health to pregnant moms and our little ones. We create evidence-based programs to offer convenient and realistic ways for clients to integrate health into their everyday.

Find Strength
in Motherhood
“I could not be happier with my prenatal and birth experience, thanks to the Unique Footprints Wellness program, I’ve learned skills that I will use for life! That is a HUGE win for me and my family.”
Robin Lee, Texas
Find Strength
in Motherhood
"Jenny is leading the way within the maternity population and improving birth outcomes.”

Ginnie Emmott, Methodist Dallas Medical Center Hospital, Supervisor Folsom Fitness Center
Find Strength
in Motherhood
“Jenny is the Women & Children’s Wellness Champion!”

Julie McCullough MDMC Wellness Coach/Program Coordinator
Our work helps bring peace of mind. Curious what might be in store for you?


Create meaningful change and make a lasting impact among the prenatal population. Unique Footprints has partnered with the organizations below to provide maternity support that’s within reach for every mom.

It All Starts With Your
Unique Footprints
When you invest in your health with Unique Footprints, you’ll learn skills that will take you far beyond the birth of your baby. We’d be honored to have you join us. Get Started

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