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Unique Footprints is the first pregnancy program endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association.
A Complete Roadmap to Pregnancy & Motherhood

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At Unique Footprints we believe in “moms supporting moms” and our mission is to fill the gap you’re faced with today as an expecting mother. Our fully guided, 100% digital preparation program is more than a book, class or event. It teaches you all those skills you didn’t even know you needed. 

Hi Mama:

I’m Jenny Morrow

I’m a mom, neonatal nurse and founder of Unique Footprints. I created my company in the delivery room – literally!

As a neonatal nurse, I was able to see glimpses into my patients lives while assisting with deliveries and postpartum care. I directly witnessed maternity patients who were not prepared for birth or the transition into motherhood and I knew there was a better way.

These moms had prepared but had gotten their childbirth and parenting information from unreliable resources that did not reflect best scientific evidence and these families were SHOCKED.

You don’t have to feel that way. Through our self-paced programs we support you by teaching evidence-based education in a holistic and beautiful way. Get instant access today and you’ll receive a free gift!

What's Included?

Unique Footprints is an interactive, pregnancy program that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Pregnancy Food Guide

From a Registered Nurse and Registered Dietitian with pregnancy specific nutritional information that is useful and hard to find.

Prenatal Yoga

Video based classes from a Prenatal Yoga Therapist to help keep both you and baby's health a top priority. No prior experience is needed.

Tranquility Tools

Evidence-based practices to help you manage stress and make self-care a priority. Includes a parenting manifesto that brought Oprah to tears.

Prenatal Psychology

Audio-based trainings from a Licensed Professional Counselor that focus on coping skills to help you develop life-long habits for stress management.

Birth Preparation

A childbirth education course from a Lamaze Nurse, includes a Birth Planning tool to help you prepare for your ideal birth and the “unexpected."

Labor Endurance Exercises

Labor endurance exercises from a Lamaze Nurse and Prenatal Yoga Therapist to help prepare your body, mind and baby for the big day.

Postpartum Tips

Learn practical tips to prepare for baby’s arrival. Plus, you’ll create a DIY baby organizing system to keep those important baby documents in one place.

Healthy Infant Sleep Habits

From a Registered Nurse and award-winning Holistic Sleep Coach. You’ll learn infant sleep habits, milestones and transitions.

Baby Care

From a Registered Nurse, includes what all new moms wish someone had told them about what is normal for baby and when to seek help.

Fetal Brain Development

From a Licensed Professional Counselor, you'll learn the neuroscience of how stress affects fetal brain development and what you can do about it.


From a Lactation Nurse with ways to get breastfeeding off to a great start, boost milk production and help both you and baby thrive.

Infant Safety

From a Registered Nurse with infant safety recommendations for safe sleep, car seat, water safety, etc. Includes Infant Safety Plan tool.


Done for you guides with trusted products that we’ve personally used. You’ll love this stress-free way to prepare for baby.

UF Community

You'll meet like-minded mothers through the UF Community, a private discussion forum moderated by a Registered Nurse.

Bonus Content

Since everything is individualized, instantly access our library of free resources filled with meaningful topics centered around motherhood.

You get access to a team of experts and we've included weekly gatherings to help you through. Join Now

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