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“Thank you Jenny, for providing best practices, helpful tips, and lactation resources before and after delivery which helped me feel confident in birthing and breastfeeding…TWINS!”

Calvert C., Twin Mom

“I enrolled in the program through my hospital! This is my first pregnancy and I really have no experience with prenatal stuff and newborn care. I absolutely LOVE the prenatal yoga sessions and mindfulness programs. I’ve been practicing them and it’s helping me to cope with my pregnancy anxiety much better.”

Shuchi S., First Time Mom

“I could not be happier with my prenatal and birth experience, thanks to the Unique Footprints Wellness program, I’ve learned skills that I will use for life!  That is a HUGE win for me and my family.”

Robin L., Mom of 2

“I’ve developed skills that truly will last a lifetime. As a mom of four, I’m grateful for the energy boost, toned body I didn’t even know was possible and the peace I feel.”

Jennifer F., Stay at Home Mom of 4

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