Spend some time connecting with your favorite person in a fun, playful way to help you both prepare for your upcoming birth.  You’ll learn and practice mindful yoga postures, breathing techniques and coping strategies to prepare your body and mind for labor and delivery.  You’ll feel at peace when you leave this class with your complete birth plan in hand.  This program is sure to help you both feel more prepared for the big day.


Towel, bottle of water and a yoga mat.  Once you register, you’ll have access to your member portal and your electronic medical consent form which is required prior to class participation, both you and your physicians signature is required.  You and your physician will also be able to include any special restrictions on the consent form.  Our goal is to always keep you safe! 

This class includes your partner, only one registration is needed.  Partners are free and we’ll have a medical release in class for your partner to sign. 



Class Schedule: We have some exciting changes coming your way!  No classes are scheduled at this time.  Stay tuned for UF updates.

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