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30 Day Money Back Guarantee BUY NOW ($99) An online class for new parents "Navigating birth to 3+ years" Purchasing as a gift? Check out our Gift Certificates!

I've learned how to get through the sleep regressions and naturally heal my baby's flat head shape! -Erica

BUY NOW ($99) Read your baby's cues

Boost you and baby's immune system & microbiome

Prevent or naturally heal plagiocephaly (flat head)

Restore your postpartum body

Stay emotionally connected

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The Secret to Loving the New Mom Phase

We know you’re trying everything you can to thrive during this time. The truth is that becoming a mom can be downright overwhelming. You may not know exactly how to navigate these uncharted waters, as every pregnancy and baby is different.

Are you feeling anxious about your own health and healing or how to take care of your child through their milestones?

We believe that you should have the tools at your fingertips to help make life easier for you, which is why we’ve created this class for you, “Navigating Birth to 3+ years” will give you the tools and resources you need to LOVE the new mom phase.

Practical & helpful
Emotionally connected
Life changing!
This class is: BUY NOW ($99) A self-paced online class
Postnatal specific

BUY NOW ($99) A helpful postpartum recovery guide
Your hormones, libido, stress and sleep cycles
Newborn care + sleep (birth to 3+ years)
Breastfeeding, pumping & safe infant formula
Postnatal yoga + mommy & me practices
Child development exercises
Weekly support groups
"Navigating Birth to 3+ Years" Includes:

After the newborn phase, I had so many questions about my baby's development. This class gave me the tools and confidence I needed! -Beth

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