A mindful pregnancy can result in many benefits that other interventions do not offer. Unique Footprints Mindful Pregnancy is a 6-week series that focuses on psychological coping skills to enhance your resiliency as a mother and relaxation training to increase comfort during your pregnancy and delivery. You’ll cultivate a strong attachment with your baby through creating a context for a positive pregnancy and delivery experience.  Learn to identify parenting strengths to increase parental joy and self-efficacy once baby arrives, develop lifelong habits for stress management to improve your maternal health and family dynamics, alleviate common maternal stress to decrease the chances of Postpartum Depression, improve your mental health which impacts your intrauterine environment through practicing relaxation training and mindful living techniques, increase the resiliency of your baby by improving their in utero brain development which influences psychological and behavioral changes later in life.  This program is taught by a licensed therapist trained in Mindfulness.


Towel, bottle of water and a yoga mat.  Once you register, you’ll have access to your member portal and your electronic medical consent form which is required prior to class participation, both you and your physicians signature is required.  You and your physician will also be able to include any special restrictions on the consent form.  Our goal is to always keep you safe!



Class Schedule: We have some exciting changes coming your way!  No classes are scheduled at this time.  Stay tuned for UF updates.

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