A creative entrepreneur, registered nurse, wellness coach, lover of food and dedicated to helping you be the healthiest version of yourself.

I’m a born and raised Texan who loves the feel of a book in my hands, an unshakable optimistic and I’m proud to have created a company devoted to integrating health and wellness into all aspects of motherhood.       

Through our Online Pregnancy Program, Unique Footprints Blog and virtual retreats, we’re able to help you prepare for preconception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood on a whole new level.

One of the things I’m often asked is “Where did the idea for Unique Footprints originate?”

Through everything I had learned in school, I had no idea how time could stop when you witness the death of a loved one and how that compares to watching a new baby take air for the first time.  All I know is that both seem to stop time and throw you into the present moment like no other. 

Holding my grandmother’s hand through the years and when she took her last breath, I promised myself I would leave a legacy full of the love and hope she ingrained in me.  I would become a nurse and I wouldn’t stop until I fulfilled my dreams and helped others see their true potential. 

I knew I would create a nursing practice dedicated to helping integrate health and wellness into all aspects of life, but I didn’t know when and I didn’t know how.  So, I took one day at a time which turned into years of planning, life-long learning and the will within to never give up.     

After applying to nursing school four times and two degrees later, I got my dream job as a neonatal nurse and was thrown into deliveries to help with resuscitation and to perform the role of “catching baby”.  I learned invaluable skills and felt honored to share a precious glimpse of life with the families I served.  I noticed that every family and footprint was truly unique.  It’s hard to even describe the miracles I witnessed such as a new baby taking air for the first time, the laboring mom finishing one of the hardest jobs in her life and the new dad’s tears of joy. 

I would later work in the areas of newborn nursery, neonatal intensive care, lactation support and as a maternal/neonatal outreach coordinator and perinatal educator at a Baby Friendly designated hospital teaching childbirth education, baby care and breastfeeding to expectant families.  You know I didn’t stop there and I continued to pursue wellness and became certified in lactation, Lamaze and yoga with a specialty in pre/postnatal practices.    

As you can see, the creation of Unique Footprints was fueled by a collection of stories, which encompassed all the people that allowed me the chance to witness the beauty of life.  To my grandmother, who opened my eyes and to every family that I worked with that have shown me the human potential within each one of us…STRENGTH, LOVE & THE WILL WITHIN TO NEVER GIVE UP!

When I am asked, “Why did you choose the maternity population” I respond…Because I deeply care.

Through the years, families have expressed the need to find peaceful ways to prepare for their pregnancy and birthing process.  THAT WAS IT!  Unique Footprints would be a nursing practice dedicated to the maternity population to help build strength in motherhood!  Because as a neonatal intensive care nurse, I soon noticed that the majority of my patients were not expecting to have a neonatal intensive care baby.  I wanted to help women properly prepare for motherhood, be a trusted supporter and offer resources that would be truly beneficial during the “5 trimester” journey of preconception preparation, pregnancy, birth and post baby.    

What I want for YOU.

I want you to learn skills to build health, ways to optimize your ability to conceive, get you through your pregnancy and birth with ease, improve your birth outcomes, help you connect with your spouse and new baby and learn techniques to help you get your body back.  Plus, you’ll have incredible support the whole way.  You’ll also learn practical ways to deal with becoming a parent because having a baby is so much more than a birth, it’s a lifetime.     

Your turn.

I’m here for you and my company is dedicated to your wellbeing.  Unique Footprint’s is built on the love of life, an unwavering passion for maternal and neonatal health and a commitment to providing inspiration.    

If you’ve read this far, thank you.  We’re looking forward to you joining us!  You will enjoy our Online Pregnancy Program, Unique Footprints Blog and virtual retreats.

I would love to learn more about you and your wellbeing journey.  Want to meet for a virtual cup of tea? Email me anytime at jenny@uniquefootprints.com.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

With love and respect for your journey,


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