Here is a list of essential items to have available during your labor and postpartum recovery.

“I am prepared for the birth that my body and baby need.” -Author Unknown

1.    Your birth plan – bring your pre-filled out Unique Footprints birth plan with you

2.    Your insurance card + drivers license

3.    Comfortable clothes with robe, nursing bra and underwear (the hospital with have mesh panties and a hospital gown) – a Unique Footprints mom recommends ‘Lake Pajamas’

4.    Organic nipple cream like Motherlove

NOTE: Only apply nipple cream to your nipples (NOT your areola) after feedings. If you apply ALL over, baby will slip which causes a shallow latch and nipple pain/abrasions can occur.

5.    Socks

6.    Your phone charger

7.    Chap stick

8.    Mints

9.    Heating pad or rice sock – for labor (the hospital will have an instant heating pad but the heat does not last very long)

10.  Ice packs – for labor and postpartum (the hospital will have these, just bring one if you have a favorite)

11.  Hand fan – thanks to your hormones, you’ll be very hot during labor and postpartum

12.  Hand massaging tool – for labor – or have husband massage you when wanting this

13.  Diffusor with essential oils

NOTE: It’s not recommended to apply essential oils directly onto your skin during labor, you might LOVE a scent at one moment and be repelled by it at another.

14.  Healthy snacks

15.  Thermos with hydrating liquid, i.e. water

16.   Exercise ball (the hospital will have this available for you)

17.   Birth stool (the hospital or birth center will have this)

18.   Pads for medium to heavy flow (the hospital pads do not stick that well, a lot of moms like to bring their own pads)

19.   Flip flops (for the shower)

20.   Baby – car seat

21.   Baby – going home outfit

You won’t need much for baby. Your baby will be skin to skin most of the time and the hospital provides swaddle blankets, infant shirt, diapers, wipes and bulb syringe.

Pro Tip: Remember, what you pack, you have to pack up and bring home with a newborn baby. I’ve seen new dads take out 2 and 3 loads. Choose your essential items and narrow it down into 1 suitcase for you/baby and that will be plenty.

We’d love to hear from you moms – Let us know if there is anything not listed that would be of help to you so we can have the BEST list out there to help as many moms as possible.

Unique Footprints Author:

Jenny Morrow, RN, IBCLC, LCCE, RYT

Jenny is a born and raised Texan who loves the feel of a book in her hands, an unshakable optimistic and refuels by time in nature. She’s a mom, neonatal nurse and founder of Unique Footprints (a fully realized, 100% digital pregnant and new mom resource). She created her company in the delivery room – literally! As a nurse assisting with deliveries and postpartum care, she directly witnessed families who did not feel prepared and were shocked through the transition into parenthood, and she knew there was a better way. Jenny has taught over 10,000 expecting families how to prepare for this time in their lives. You can learn more about Jenny here.

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