Support a Teacher: Meet Neeti

Motherhood is hard. It is such a balancing act of so many things.

This is one of our team members, Neeti. She understands wholeheartedly the stress, joys and angst of new motherhood. She is also an elementary school counselor and mental health professional.

As Neeti returns to work this fall, her job will look a little different this year. While balancing that home and work life, she will be counseling virtually to make sure all the mental health needs of her students are met while juggling two under two.

Unique Footprints wants to support this working mama by helping her #clearthelist. We want to be a light for Neeti and help her clear her Amazon classroom wishlist as she goes back to work in these unprecedented times. Even a single book counts and reaches hundreds of students!

Thank you, Neeti for supporting our youth’s wellbeing and mental health!

If you’re able to help Neeti with any of her items from her list, please leave a comment below so we can THANK YOU!!

We’d love to hear if you’re a teacher? School looks different this year but your impact as a teacher is still felt deeply. Thank you for everything you do! Please hit reply and share your list with us – we’d love to help support you too!

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