Vendor Fatigue – No Problem – We’re Different & Can Prove It

Do you want to improve health for your pregnant employees and reduce maternity claims at the same time? We can help.

Unique Footprints is not just digital, we give a personal touch that other competitors do not offer. By educating women on the latest prenatal health based research, we demonstrate healthier pregnancies, which is a lower cost to mom and the employer.

You’ll get the best results for your member experience and clinical outcomes because we focus on all pregnancies. A carrier might be free, but you get what you pay for. Carriers focus only on high risk pregnancies, a three phone call platform and most moms don’t answer the calls anyways thinking they’re spam, ultimately not producing the results hoped for originally. Other competitors, such as Ovia Health, Maven and Cleo, offer wonderful services but cost a fortune.

I’m a Registered Nurse and founded Unique Footprints after working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. At Unique Footprints, our health experts are  Moms, Nurses, Dietitians, Counselors and Yoga Therapists and we’re on a mission to bring happiness and health to pregnant moms and our little ones. We’ve created a cost-effective evidence based program to offer convenient and realistic ways for clients to integrate health into their everyday.

If you join Unique Footprints, we can truly make a lasting impact together. You have the chance to improve health and save lives, for example: Postpartum depression is an important topic, but one not often talked about. The Unique Footprints Pregnancy Program includes health risk assessments and depression screening both during pregnancy and throughout the postpartum period.

Vendor fatigue – No Problem – we’re happy to intake benefit information to be an extension off of HR and integrate into your client ecosystem. When participants have signs of depression, we’re able to update the physician and refer to the employers EAP behavioral health services to offer a complete continuum of care.

Our goal is to truly make an impact and help woman adjust to motherhood.

I helped coordinate this fun, free and educational event at Methodist Dallas to bring awareness to Postpartum Depression. We had kids’ activities, food, door prizes, self-care swag bags, an expert panel discussion and many vendors to help the public learn about emotional health of the new family in a fun way. They didn’t even know they were learning!

We want the work that we do to touch as many families as possible, so if you and your company might benefit from a maternity solution that’s cost effective and improves health, contact us today!

Jenny Morrow, RN, IBCLC, LCCE, RYT

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